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We provide a wide range of services for all makes and models
of both domestic and foreign vehicles, including hybrids.




Brakes and Tires


Regular maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your vehicle and ensure trouble free operation for years to come. We offer scheduled maintenance to check fluids, tire pressures, air filter, etc. Routine tune-ups, oil changes, brake checks and tire rotations can be scheduled by appointment.

Brakes & Tires

We are full service for all your tire needs, offering many brands and the knowledge to select the right tire for your vehicle. We offer services, such as brake inspections, brake pad replacement and brake fluid flushes as well as a warranty on services performed.

Brakes and Tires
Computer Diagnostics


Check Engine light on? Our computer diagnostics are top of the line, and our expert mechanics are trained to not just identify the computer codes, but also fix the problem properly.

& Alignment

Have a routine check of your alignment or a complete four wheel alignment performed by one of our expert mechanics. If you’re experiencing bouncy driving, noises when diving over bumps, or a “pull” to one side or the other while driving straight, you’ll benefit from our suspension services.

Suspension and Alignment
Electrical and Wiring

& Wiring

Electrical issues can be tough to deal with and have many people scratching their head trying to figure out where the problem is. Our expert mechanics have the skills and equipments necessary to track down all of your electrical gremlins and get you back on the road fast.


Buying a used car can be stressful because you simply don’t know what to look for regarding possible mechanical issues. As a trusted third party, our mechanics will be able to give you an honest review of any problems or potential issues with your new ride, so you can be confident that you’re getting a good deal.

Pre-purchase Inspection
Accessories Installation


We can install accessories and perform custom installation of parts to spruce up and customize your vehicle, as well as answer questions regarding fitment, safety and performance of such modifications to make sure your car or truck will performs well as it looks with your new upgrades.





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